To halt and reverse the extinction crisis, E.O. Wilson has called for a thorough exploration and identification of all life on Earth, in order to better protect it. We have developed a wide range of tools and resources for decision-makers (the Half-Earth Project Map and National Report Cards), educators (Teaching Tools for K-12 through college), and conservation-minded people who want to take action.

Explore our video gallery of webinars and events that bring the work of the Half-Earth Project alive with dynamic speakers like Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim and Johan Rockström. Use our glossary to learn the terminology of our work, and visit the Half-Earth Project Map to experience a visualization of global biodiversity richness, rarity, and threats at an unprecedented 1–50 km scale. Compare how well one country does at protecting the species of its place to another. All our open-access tools are intended to infuse biodiversity and conservation thinking into how we care for our planet.

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