Our core program, the Half-Earth Project, inspires informed collective action to save the biosphere. We lead the development of evidence-based solutions, tools and technologies, like the Half-Earth Project Map and the Species Protection Index, for use by decision-makers and over 150 member countries in the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity to support the preservation of global biodiversity.

Encuentros como el Half-Earth Day® reúnen a distinguidos científicos, líderes conservacionistas, responsables políticos, educadores y público en general para compartir perspectivas sobre planificación territorial, taxonomía, seguimiento y cartografía de la biodiversidad y prácticas de biología de la conservación.

We support next generation and emerging scientists in conservation biology education through our Half-Earth Chairs and Scholars program and taxonomy training through the Half-Earth Project Fellowship in Taxonomy and Biodiversity Exploration. Our education program builds and supports a network of educators across the U.S. and beyond through guided education materials and resources, including institutes and events.

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Historias de impacto

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