• Boston Globe: a "Rapturously Unapologetic Hymn of Praise

    to the Roughly One Quadrillion Ants on the Planet"

    New Book by E.O. Wilson,"Tales from the Ant World"
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    Public Land Legacy Restoration Fund

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    Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act
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The Half-Earth Project ®

Threats to the natural world are multiplying. Species are going extinct at an alarming rate.

“Unless we move quickly to protect global biodiversity, we will soon lose most of the species composing life on Earth.” —E.O. Wilson.

There’s a solution. It’s called the Half-Earth Project. If we conserve half the land and sea, we can still safeguard the bulk of our planet’s biodiversity.

But what would Half-Earth look like? How would we get there?

Find Out How

Celebrating People Inspiring People to Care for our Planet

Turtles Return

Watch this inspiring story of the world’s biggest beach clean-up started by one man.

"I make a change, together we make the difference."—Afroz Shah

Three years ago Mumbai beach was smothered with plastic trash. Thanks to the incredible effort of one man, Afroz Shah, who kickstarted the world's largest beach cleanup, turtles have started to hatch again.