Join us for Half-Earth Day 2023 at GEO BON

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The Half-Earth Project

Discover the tools we are developing to help protect global biodiversity.

Explore the Half-Earth Project Map & More

Why Half?

Listen to E.O. Wilson talk about the Half-Earth moonshot. 

Half Is Possible—Learn More

Our Imperative

The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation’s mission is to reimagine the way we care for our planet.

Given the current extinction rate, half of all species could be lost before the end of the century.

Propelled by the ingenuity and optimism of our partners and communities around the globe and guided by the vision of world-renowned scientist E.O. Wilson, we are powering conservation action that ensures we leave no species behind.

Discover the Half-Earth Project, our core program designed to inspire informed collective action to save the land and waters upon which global biodiversity depends.


Solving the biodiversity crisis requires a commitment to science, increased collaboration, and innovative action.

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