Theresa Tillinger

Date:Aug 17, 2013

Theresa D. Tillinger is Principal of St. Ann Academy in Bridgeport, Connecticut. During her eight-year tenure, the school has evolved from a very low-performing school to one of the top-performing schools in the country. Graduates are accepted to the most rigorous high schools in the tri-state area and students have achieved local, state and international recognition. St. Ann students were featured on “60 Minutes” for their service projects through the “Free The Children” organization. Mrs. Tillinger is proud to work with an award-winning faculty who share her philosophy of high expectations for all students and a “whatever it takes” attitude. Their common goal is to help students find their passion so they can lead purposeful lives. To this end, St. Ann Academy is proud to work with the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and National Park Service Biodiversity Youth Ambassador Program to provide opportunities for students to experience the awe of our natural world, and lead other youth to become next generation stewards.