Roger Harris

Date:Jan 04, 2013

As principal of Harris Social Media LLC, Roger Harris works with organizations to help them communicate effectively. Roger combines powerful messages with deep insight into the world of media technology to help clients achieve their goals. He shows clients how to connect with their audience and how to develop meaningful relationships that are the foundation of customer trust and loyalty. Roger has managed social media strategy and campaigns for A-list companies such as Microsoft, Lenovo, and Deloitte. He also works with small to medium size businesses and nonprofits in science and technology, healthcare, education and publishing. Roger has two degrees in biology, and studied biodiversity under John Lawton at the University of York, England. After completing his Master’s at the University of Oregon, he led natural history and photography tours to the Amazon rainforest, Africa and the Galapagos Islands from 1992 to 2006. His adventures inspired him to write the first travel guide to the Amazon region, published in 1997. During his trips, he carried a dog-eared copy of E.O. Wilson’s The Diversity of Life to quote words of wisdom and thereby impress upon his tour groups the majesty and fragility of the natural world. His current projects include managing the communications and outreach strategy for SavingSpecies, an innovative start-up conservation organization founded by Stuart Pimm at Duke University. In his ever-decreasing spare time, Roger inflicts his culinary skills on unsuspecting guests, weeds his beloved garden, and zooms around the back roads of North Carolina on his rather powerful Italian motorcycle.