more Domingos Muala

Date:Apr 06, 2013

“Living in Mozambique, I learned very early to care about the soils beneath my feet, the air, water, plants, and animals on which my life depends. While war ripped through my country, not only humans but our natural resources suffered. I knew I could not just watch and be delighted by the remaining natural beauty, I had to do something tangible. So, I expanded the horizon of my life: I joined the conservation team at Gorongosa National Park. I have participated in biodiversity studies and helped with the reintroductions of majestic species: buffalos, wildebeest, hippos, elephants, and cheetas. Through philanthropist Greg Carr’s Gorongosa Restoration Project I have seen this wilderness area rebalance as a rich home for life forms from the microscopic to the macroscopic. This process has in turn refueled my environmental passion.”

—Domingos Muala, Conservationist at Gorongosa National Park