more Peter Raven

Date:Apr 06, 2013

“As the world has changed, my boyhood fascination with plants and animals gradually evolved into a passion to protect them, to save them from extinction, and to work to warn people as widely as possible about the dangers of losing them forever. The earth is now home to three times as many people as when I was born, each one driven by desires to consume more and more—often produced by dangerously outmoded technologies. Even though our lives are supported by the unique living fabric of the earth, we are diminishing its resilience and destroying its beauty as if we were a savage occupying army with no regard to our common future. To the solution of this enormous problem we must devote our strength; I have tried to do my part, inspiring others through the Missouri Botanical Garden. I hope you will add your strength too.”

—Peter Raven, President Emeritus Missouri Botanical Garden