Margaret Gifford

Date:Jan 04, 2013

brannen-150Margaret Gifford is an independent brand and marketing communications consultant based in New York City. Clients include high impact businesses, government agencies and nonprofits in industries ranging from technology and media to preventive health. Margaret founded a social enterprise, Farmer Foodshare aimed at solving malnutrition through engaging community members, investors and farmers around sharing fresh, sustainably grown food. Farmer Foodshare received a GlaxoSmithKline IMPACT Award in 2013. Margaret’s work has involved developing a range of campaigns for companies ranging from HP and Deloitte to GSK and Chronicle Books. Her work focuses on amplifying and accelerating major cultural shifts that are changing how people live, innovate and communicate. Margaret has been a fan of E.O. Wilson since studying his work as an undergraduate. She’s a political economist by training who found inspiration and understanding of human systems by studying Dr. Wilson’s work on ants. Margaret has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Furman University, a masters degree in International Political Economy from UNC Chapel Hill and marketing certification from Columbia University.