Glenn Plumb

Date:Apr 28, 2014

Glenn Plumb is the Chief Wildlife Biologist of the U.S. National Park Service and oversees a team of biologists who work with parks around the country and globally to conserve wildlife and their associated ecologies, such as predator-prey dynamics, competition, and migration. He is committed to developing strong relationships amongst non-traditional partners at larger landscape scales so as to provide for the full range of small to larger habitats necessary for wildlife to persist both numerically, but also functionally according to their evolved life histories and ecological processes.

His particular area of expertise is the restoration of wild bison in North America, though he is quick to note that bison conservation may be most important as a catalyst for society to understand and believe that the era of big conservation is not over! Glenn partners with the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation to recruit undergraduate students to work in national parks for biodiversity sampling and conservation.

In this segment from CBS Sunday Morning, watch Glenn Plumb lead and inspire kids as they explore Muir Woods at BioBlitz 2014. Click the box to play the video.