Derwin Dubose

Date:Jan 04, 2013

Derwin Dubose is the principal consultant at Next Generation Advocacy, a boutique consulting firm that helps social sector organizations navigate the intersection of fundraising and communications. He is also a senior advisor to the Armstrong McGuire Philanthropic Advisory Group, one of the leading nonprofit consulting firms in North Carolina.

Derwin’s nonprofit client list has included Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House Charities, the National Association of State Treasurers Foundation, and the Methodist Home for Children.

Derwin is passionate about the environment and believes in Dr. Wilson’s work. He served on the board of the Conservation Trust for North Carolina and is a fellow of the Center for Whole Communities and the Center for Diversity and the Environment.

Derwin lives in East Durham, North Carolina with Nina, a five-year-old rat terrier and border collie mix who loves eating carrots and running in circles. Last year, Derwin’s backyard organic garden produced 36 pounds of sweet potatoes.