David Prend

Date:Apr 05, 2013


“Biodiversity is both a practical necessity and a spiritual underpinning of human existence. All organisms on our planet rely on the complex web of life for physical resources essential to survival: air, water, food, and a healthy environment. The human species is no exception, and unfortunately, our actions have upset the very balance of the global ecosystem. None of us can know where the line is drawn—how many species lost, and which ones, before we have gone too far…

But the human species has evolved beyond the need for mere physical necessities of life. The diversity of life on earth provides an intellectual and spiritual inspiration that contributes meaning to life. It stimulates scientific inquiry and the pursuit of knowledge. It provides the beauty and the wonder that energizes us to live life to the fullest. And it drives us, as E.O. Wilson would say, to seek answers to the most fundamental questions of human existence: ‘Where did we come from and why are we here?’”

—David Prend, Managing General Partner and co-founder of RockPort Capital Partners; and Chairman of EOWBF Board of Directors