Barbara J. Lausche

Date:Jan 04, 2013

Barbara J. Lausche is the Director of the Marine Policy Institute at the Mote Marine Laboratory, based in Sarasota, Florida.

Barbara Lausche is an international environmental lawyer and legal drafter specializing in protected areas-related law. She has been a member of IUCN’s World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL) since 1980, is a member of the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), and an honorary member of the ICCA consortium. She has authored or co-authored numerous peer-reviewed papers and several books on protected areas-related law, including the IUCN Guidelines for Protected Areas Legislation (Lausche 2011); The Legal Aspects of Connectivity Conservation – A Concept Paper (co-author 2013) and the IUCN E-book, Building Capacity on Protected Areas Law and Governance – 12 Training Modules (co-author 2015). Her legal drafting experience has included numerous IUCN assignments in developing countries, directing the World Wildlife Fund-US Legal Technical Assistance Program, and some 10 years in the World Bank as environmental lawyer and specialist. In recent years she has focused heavily on special legal issues of marine and coastal conservation, a subject given significant attention in the above-noted IUCN law publications. Since 2011, Lausche has been Director of the Marine Policy Institute (MPI), Mote Marine Laboratory, a non-profit marine science research organization.