Anne Marie Ruff

Date:Jan 01, 2013

Anne Marie Ruff is the author of Through These Veins, a novel inspired by the work of E.O. Wilson and Nikolai Vavilov, which features biodiversity as a central character. Her fiction writing draws on her background as a journalist. Anne Marie has reported on biodiversity conservation, bioprospecting, AIDS research, drug development, and agriculture from Southeast Asia (where she learned to make friends with the diverse insects who persistently appeared in her living room), the Middle East, and East Africa. Her work has been broadcast by National Public Radio, Public Radio International, the British Broadcasting Corporation, and PBS TV. Her articles have appeared in Time, Christian Science Monitor, and Saveur, among other publications. Anne Marie earned a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of California Los Angeles, where she first encountered the work and writings of E.O. Wilson. She currently works with Paul Hastings, a global law firm, and is proud to have instilled in her youngest son a fascination with plants and bugs while living just four miles from downtown Los Angeles.