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  • Species Found in Mozambique and Malawi

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The Half-Earth Project ®

Threats to the natural world are multiplying. Species are going extinct at an alarming rate.

“Unless we move quickly to protect global biodiversity, we will soon lose most of the species composing life on Earth.” —E.O. Wilson.

There’s a solution. It’s called the Half-Earth Project. If we conserve half the land and sea, we can still safeguard the bulk of our planet’s biodiversity.

But what would Half-Earth look like? How would we get there?

Find Out How

Celebrating People Inspiring People to Care for our Planet

Let Science Speak

“Folks ask ‘why should I care about the ocean. I’m not anywhere near it. It doesn’t affect me.’

Science is showing us that most of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean… To me, the ocean is life.”

- Dawn Wright, Esri Chief Scientist and E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation Board Member
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Honoring Indigenous Communities

“The Half-Earth Project honors the wisdom of the traditional owners of the lands and waters we aim to protect and their ancient ways of seeing and experiencing nature. In the spirit of the oral tradition of the Blackfoot, we aim to honor ‘the flash of the firefly in the night, the breath of the buffalo in the wintertime, and the little shadow that runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.’ We aim to restore and protect life. We thank our Indigenous communities for their historic stewardship of life, their critical role in reaffirming and repairing our relationship with it and their present and future partnership.”

– Paula Ehrlich, President & CEO of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and Lead of the Half-Earth Project
Seek Out the Indigenous History of the Place Where You Live